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3FOR2: CBD Paste (30%)

£180.00 £270.00 incl. VAT free shipping
3 x 5ml (£1200.00 per 100ml)
  • 3 x 5ml pastes in dosing dispensers, each containing 30% CBD content (1500mg)
  • Allows for simple and precise dosing
  • Suitable for macro-dosing
  • Active ingredients dissolved in coconut oil and beeswax
UK delivery: 2-5 Working Days
  • Full-spectrum paste with 30% CBD concentration. Extraction from the hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) by means of supercritical gentle CO2 ensures that the ingredients are preserved. The cannabis extract used in the products is obtained from certified hemp plants. Free from preservatives colourings and gluten.

  • For optimal absorption, place the paste under the tongue. Leave for 1-2 minutes to be absorbed and then swallow the rest.

    Using the dispenser, the dosage can be increased by 0.2 ml. Rotating the applicator 360 degrees corresponds to 0.2 ml of paste which contains 60 mg of CBD. This is the equivalent of 10 drops of our 15% CBD oil.

  • This product should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Keep out of the reach of children.

    The provided contents serve exclusively for information and further education and do not replace in any case a medical consultation by a doctor or pharmacist. Our texts do not serve for independent diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

  • After opening, store in a cool, dark place and use within 6 months. This product should be protected from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.

Our premium promise


All of our CBD is produced from organically-sourced, non-GMO hemp from certified European suppliers and undergo regular quality checks. Depending on climate and seasonality, we source our hemp from different suppliers across Europe, to guarantee that we always get the highest quality product.

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How to use

Recommended use

If you're new to CBD Pastes, we recommend starting out with a small dose. So for beginners, we advise a half twist of the tube (about 0.1ml) , spread out over the day. We recommend taking this in 3 separate doses; approximately 15-30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Certified excellence

All of our products undergo extensive third party laboratory testing to ensure that they are of the highest quality and contain the stated amount of CBD and active ingredients.

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About this product


Picture of 3FOR2: CBD Paste (30%)
3FOR2: CBD Paste (30%)

3 x 5ml


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