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11 products

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CBD Subscriptions


  • CBD subscriptions at Nordic Oil are simple, easy to manage and customer-friendly.

    • Simply go to the Nordic Oil website, and select the product you want to subscribe to from our list of eligible products from the subscription category in the dropdown menu.
    • Choose the intervals at which you’d like your product delivered - this can be anything from once a week to once every 4 months.
    • Checkout as usual, with at least 35% discount - we’ll always match our best current prices. You’ll get an email straight to your inbox confirming your subscription details.
    • Your order will arrive with fast & free delivery, right to your doorstep.
    • You’ll receive a reminder email before your next renewal is due so you can easily manage your subscription.
    • When the renewal date arrives, your product will automatically be purchased with the same details as for the first time and a confirmation email will be sent.
    • You can manage your subscription at any time through your account on the Nordic Oil website.
    • Simply go to the Nordic Oil website, open the drop down menu at the top of the page, and select the “Subscriptions” category.
    • Within this category, you’ll be able to see which products are available to subscribe to.
    • Click on your product and, on the product page, select your desired CBD concentration, quantity and delivery frequency.
    • You’ll then be taken to the checkout page to complete your subscription order. You’ll receive an email confirming your subscription.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew at the beginning of each new subscription period unless you cancel. You will receive a reminder email prior to renewal with the amount and date your payment card will be charged.

    The subscription rate for each renewal will be at the rates in effect at the time of each renewal, including any additional discounts. You may opt out of automatic renewal or cancel your subscription for the remaining period at any time through the “Manage Subscriptions” page on your account on the Nordic Oil website, or by contacting us.

  • You can change the frequency at which your product is delivered at any time by contacting our Customer Service Team at [email protected] or by calling +44 3301280924. In the future, you will be able to manage your subscription yourself through your user profile.

    • Save at least 35% on every purchase
    • Price guarantee - you’ll always receive our lowest price, no matter what offers are currently running
    • Get free shipping for all subscription orders
    • Cancel your subscription anytime, hassle-free
  • If you would like to opt out of your Nordic Oil subscription, you can do this at any time through the Nordic Oil website. Just log into your account and go to the Subscription’s tab.
  • You’ll receive a reminder email 3 days before your next renewal is due. We also recommend that you flag Nordic Oil as a “safe sender” to make sure emails about your subscription don’t go into your spam folder.

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