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Why Nordic Oil?

Nordic Oil is about quality

We will never waiver from our intention and core value; that is to source and provide the highest quality Omega 3 products at the most competitive prices.

Nordic Oil is made of omega 3 essential fatty acids, essential for everyday health and wellbeing. The human body needs them in order to function normally, but is unfortunately unable to produce them naturally by itself.And not all oils are made equal. Nordic Oil contains these essential fatty acids (which are known as EPA and DHA) in their purest form, as a high-grade omega 3 supplement. With Nordic Oil, you know that you are getting the very best on the market.

So why take Nordic Oil? Ongoing research continues to find more positive effects of omega 3 on the human body. Omega 3 offers health benefits at every stage of life, from expectant mothers, to children experiencing symptoms of ADHD, from top athletes, to an elderly population keen to preserve their mental alertness.

Be it one pot of Nordic Oil capsules, a pallet consignment, a new order or a repeat order, we can deliver the goods on time - globally. We have the distribution team in place to be able to get our product into any country and regularly deliver by pallet or pot to Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, and regularly to mainland Europe.