How to Clean Your CBD Oil Bottle After a Leak

How to Clean Your CBD Oil Bottle After a Leak

Some people have experienced that their CBD oil bottle sometimes leaks and the dropper unscrews. This can lead to oil leaking further into the neck of the bottle despite it being sealed. This, however, is not because the bottles are defective.

The leak can happen simply because CBD oil (like all other oils) is very slippery. If the oil flows into the cap or dropper, it prevents the bottle from closing properly. Fortunately, the solution is quite simple and requires only a small paper towel or napkin. In other words, it can happen to the best CBD oil bottles.

You can see how we clean the bottle of a CBD oil in the following video:

Another trick is to wrap a small piece of kitchen paper around the neck of the bottle to absorb the excess oil.

Another way to avoid the problem would be:

How often the bottle needs to be cleaned depends on how much oil drips into the neck of the bottle. In our own experience, the biggest “mistakes” that cause the oil to flow into the thread are as follows:

  • Open bottle too fast after shaking. Wait a few minutes for the oil to fall back into the bottle before opening it.
  • The oil residue in the pipette can cause the lid to unscrew. Therefore, be sure to take only a few drops with the pipette when using the oil, rather than filling the entire pipette. Also, remember to empty the pipette again after use. Be careful not to turn the bottle when unscrewing the cap so that the oil remains at the bottom of the bottle.
  • Don’t shake the oil too much. You can shake the bottle sideways instead of the other way around.

Have you had this problem with your bottle of CBD oil? If you have tried this cleaning method we would like to read it in the comments!

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