Nordic Oil Discount Codes

Current Nordic Oil discount codes:

The following discount codes are active and can be used for your next purchase:

Discount code Amount  Valid until
NORDIC12  12% 01.04.2024

Please note that the discount codes cannot be combined with our 3 for 2 offers. Several discount codes cannot be used in one purchase.

The best Nordic Oil discount codes 2024!

Keep checking this page as we always list our valid discount codes here.

Don't waste your valuable time with the numerous coupon collection sites full of expired or invalid codes. Here you can find valid Nordic Oil discount codes for your next CBD purchase, whether it's CBD oil, CBD capsules or creams.

We at Nordic Oil are passionate about making CBD accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. Although high quality CBD comes at a price, we have attractive discounts every now and then to give everyone the chance to experience the benefits of cannabidiol for themselves. 

Please note that we do not publish Black Friday codes on this page. You can find all information about our Black Friday offers here.

How to apply a Nordic Oil discount code at checkout?

A Nordic Oil discount code is very easy to redeem. Our step by step guide will show you exactly how to do it.

Browse through the Nordic Oil shop at your leisure and choose your favourite from over 70 CBD products. You are also welcome to add several products to your shopping cart. The discount code can be applied to the entire order, not just individual products.

For the purpose of this guide we will use our 30% CBD Oil.

1. Once you have clicked on your desired product, scroll down and add it to your shopping cart by clicking on the button.

2.In the next step, you will get an overview of your shopping cart as well as further product recommendations. Click on the checkout button to continue.

3.You will now be asked to enter your personal details so we know who to deliver the order to and where. This is also the step where you can enter your discount code. 

Making a purchase from a computer/laptop

4. If you are making your purchase from a computer, you will find the discount box on the right hand side of the page. Enter your discount code and click "Apply".

nordic oil order process

Making a purchase from your mobile phone

5. If you are shopping from your mobile phone, you will find the discount box when you click on "Show Order Summary".

6. Enter your discount code and click the button to activate it. Your discount will be activated immediately and you will be able to see the reduced price of your order right away.

You can now proceed to enter your delivery details.

We hope you can benefit from our Nordic Oil products and visit us again soon for new discount codes and vouchers.