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A Comprehensive Guide to Nordic Oil's CBD Products

Welcome to Nordic Oil, where the potential of CBD and other cannabinoids meets a commitment to customer satisfaction and market-leading innovation . Here, you can discover the power of CBD Oil and the potential health benefits of this fascinating hemp extract, also known as cannabidiol oil.

Let's get started…

Firstly, it is important to know that CBD (or cannabidiol oil), is one of a number of naturally occurring cannabinoids from the hemp extract, alongside others such as CBG and THC. CBD oil is however the most common and researched cannabinoid and taking CBD oil is very safe and should not be confused with the 'high' resulting from taking THC oil. They are two very different versions of hemp extract and we guarantee that our CBD oil products contain only minute trace amounts of THC (in fact, less than 0,05%).

CBD Dosage - How to take CBD Oils?

There are various ways of taking CBD oils, but the most effective practice is to place the CBD oil under your tongue and allow the drops of oil to be absorbed through the mucous membranes in your mouth. Simply place the drops directly under your tongue, hold for a minute to allow the oil to diffuse, and then swallow.

The tiny blood vessels or capillaries under the tongue help to absorb substances quickly into the bloodstream without passing through the digestive system - usually CBD oils are absorbed by the body within 30 minutes by using this method. We will get into exactly how much CBD oil to use next...

How many drops of CBD per day should I take?

How much CBD oil to take is one of the most common questions for many CBD users, the first time they purchase CBD oil. As a rule of thumb, dosages of up to 80mg per day of CBD products are well tolerated for most people.

Just like trying a new food, it is also recommended to start with a small amount of CBD in the beginning. The CBD oil cost is also important to consider, as it may be more beneficial for you to buy a more expensive higher strength CBD oil, but use less drops, instead of multiple bottles of lower strength CBD.

How to use?

Our CBD oils include a pipette to allow for easy and practical usage and on the label, you will find the amount of CBD in mg per drop, as well as a recommended daily dosage guide for the amount of CBD oil per day which should take.

When it comes to figuring out the exact amount of CBD per day, it is important to understand however, that each person is different and there are many factors to consider. If you are a beginner and eager to incorporate CBD into your routine, follow the ‘start low and go slow' approach. (Experienced users might opt for a higher dose to gain more health benefits).

To make things easier when selecting your CBD products, we have developed our own CBD oil dosage calculator.

Top Tip!

Stand in front of a mirror when taking the drops, so that you can clearly see how much oil is coming out of the pipette.

Can I add CBD products to my food?

Yes, this is actually quite a common way of consuming CBD oil - this method can be used to enhance the flavour of a dish through the taste of hemp oil , as well as to gain similar effects of CBD, like you would by taking the oil under the tongue. It is also common for CBD users to add the drops to their morning coffee, to help level out anxiety caused by increased caffeine in the blood.

However, by taking CBD products indirectly through food and drink , the amount of CBD absorbed into the body will be less, compared to directly using CBD products sublingually or orally.

What are the potential wellness benefits of taking CBD oil?

There are many examples of how CBD affects you, but as with any natural plant compounds, the result can be different from person to person and we cannot guarantee a particular effect for everybody and the results can be influenced by how much CBD oil you consume, as well as how you react to this hemp extract.

Some examples of potential wellness benefits of CBD oils include, for example; to reduce anxiety, to reduce depression symptoms, boost anti inflammatory properties and aid in pain relief. The wonders of taking CBD oils are far and wide and there is still a log to be explored! For the most authentic, natural experience it is advised to take full spectrum CBD oil, as this contains all the naturally occuring compounds of the plant.

CBD and skincare:

Applying CBD oil products topically can also be a great way to enhance your skincare routine and discover even more wellness benefits, however for this purpose we already have a range of cosmetic products. You can view these CBD products here, which utilise different substances found in the hemp plant in order to make CBD oil good for this special purpose.

Instead of full spectrum, we use a CBD isolate for this purpose, in order to get a pure and concentrated form, which we can manipulate into innovative products.

Understanding CBD Oils: Nature's Essence Enhanced with Expertise

CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis Sativa plant and is created into a useable product by being combined with a suitable carrier oil to create either full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil or a CBD softgel form. Cannabis extracts are highly lipophilic and often need a ‘carrier' to make it easy for the body to absorb and digest them. Carrier oils help improve CBD's bioavailability.

Examples of different carrier oils include MCT Oil , Hemp seed oil , Black Cumin Seed oil and even olive oil! At Nordic Oil, we use different carrier oils for different products, in order to get the most effects of CBD for a particular purpose. We use MCT oil for our full spectrum (PLUS Oils) and Hemp seed oil for our broad spectrum (CLASSIC oils).

What does a carrier oil do?

Carrier oils facilitate the body's absorption and digestion of CBD, enhancing its bioavailability and maximizing its potential benefits. Our synergy with carrier oils reflects our commitment to providing you with an experience that harnesses the full power of nature.

Exploring the CBD Oil family - from CBD isolate to full spectrum

When consuming CBD products, it is also important to be able to differentiate between the different types of CBD oils, such as ; CBD isolate products, broad spectrum products, full spectrum CBD oils, aswell as the different plant compounds within the CBD extract, in order to understand which CBD oils are right for you as the CBD users.

Most CBD oils will be split into two distinct categories: full spectrum CBD products and broad spectrum CBD. While both are sourced from the hemp plant, they offer unique compositions and potential benefits. Let's get into it...

Full Spectrum CBD Oil: The Harmony of Nature's Elements

Nordic Oil's devotion to holistic wellness is best showcased with our full spectrum CBD product. Full spectrum CBD products encapsulate an orchestra of cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial compounds. Full spectrum offers a comprehensive approach to harnessing the potential benefits of the cannabis plant, by preserving a diverse range of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds.

This synergy achieved through full spectrum not only enhances the potential therapeutic effects of CBD but also provides a wider range of wellness benefits. Users of full spectrum CBD may experience a more holistic sense of relief, potentially targeting various aspects of their well-being.. Embracing the richness of nature's offerings, full spectrum CBD holds promise as a more versatile and effective option.

Full spectrum CBD oils and the entourage effect

The entourage effect is a remarkable phenomenon of full spectrum CBD products, that showcases the power of teamwork within the world of cannabinoids. Just like a symphony's harmonious blend of instruments creates a richer sound than a solo performance, the diverse range of compounds found in full spectrum CBD oil work together synergistically.

These compounds, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, combine their unique strengths to enhance the potential benefits of CBD oils. This harmonious collaboration produces a more comprehensive effect on the body and mind, showcasing the potential of nature's elements working in unison for optimal well-being and gets the most bang for your buck out of this cannabis sativa extract. So if you are looking for the most powerful experience, we advise our full spectrum range!.

Our full spectrum CBD oils celebrate the diversity of nature, inviting you to embrace its full potential and gain added benefits from the entourage effect.

Introducing CBD Oil PLUS - Our range of full spectrum CBD oils.

Prepare to elevate your CBD experience with CBD Oil PLUS; an amplified, full spectrum version of our CLASSIC range. CBD Oil PLUS is meticulously formulated with elevated secondary cannabinoids like CBDa, CBG, and CBN, capitalizing on the entourage effect. The use of organic MCT oil,(compared to the hemp oil used in our classic range), enhances bioavailability. The organic MCT oil also allows for a more gentle hemp taste and a smoother consistency.

Explore the PLUS Range

Curious about the enhanced benefits of CBD Oil PLUS and the power of full spectrum CBD oils? Immerse yourself in the PLUS range and experience the potency of cannabinoids working harmoniously to enrich your well-being. We stock many full spectrum CBD oils in this category, ranging from a 5% full spectrum CBD oil, all the way to a 40% strength.

Broad Spectrum CBD: A Tailored Approach

For those seeking the benefits of multiple cannabinoids without THC, our broad spectrum CBD products provide a customized solution. Retaining cannabinoids and terpenes while eliminating THC ensures a personalized wellness experience and an increased peace of mind for those CBD users who are want a more refined product, compared to full spectrum CBD products. Nordic Oil acknowledges that each individual journey is unique, and our products reflect this understanding.

Explore the CBD Oil CLASSIC Range - Our broad spectrum CBD tincture

Experience the essence of broad spectrum CBD with CBD Oil CLASSIC, retaining CBD potency while filtering select secondary cannabinoids. Infused with organic hemp seed oil, our CLASSIC range is more refined than our full spectrum CBD oils and offers a nutty and earthy flavour profile. Rich in essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, hemp seed oil also elevates the oil's nutritional value.

If you seek a slightly bitter, nutty, and earthy flavour profile, our CLASSIC range offers an inviting option. Immerse yourself in the world of broad spectrum CBD oil ,enriched with organic hemp seed oil. Compared to the PLUS range, our CLASSIC CBD oils have a more organic taste, so it all depends on which you prefer!.

A Fusion of Nature's Gifts: CBD Oils with Curcumin

Unleash the potential of curcumin with our CBD Oils with Curcumin range, infused with organic black cumin oil. This fusion introduces an additional layer of potential benefits against various ailments. Curcumin's synergy with piperine brings forth a slightly spicy and woody taste, enhancing the experience of our full spectrum CBD oils.

Explore Curcumin-Infused CBD

Intrigued by the harmonious synergy of curcumin and CBD? Embark on a journey into our CBD Oils with Curcumin range and experience holistic wellness through the fusion of potent compounds.

Addressing Common Queries

Transparency and information underpin our philosophy at Nordic Oil. Below you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about CBD:

Is CBD Safe?

Absolutely. A 2018 WHO review report confirms CBD's safety, emphasizing its well-tolerated nature and lack of public health concerns. At Nordic Oil, we only use third party tested, controlled substances and industrial hemp. So when you consume CBD from us, you can be rest assured that you are taking a safe and rigorously tested CBD Oil product.

CBD Oil Extraction

CBD extraction involves methods like CO2 extraction, ethanol or alcohol extraction, and oil infusion to obtain pure and safe CBD oil. Nordic Oil strictly uses supercritical CO2 extraction for all our products, meaning that there are only trace amount of unwanted cannabinoids, such as thc. This means that on a drug test, for example, it is almost impossible that you could test positive for thc, even if you consume the maximum amount of our CBD oils.

We also only source organic hempseed oil, so you can be assured that our CBD products are going to give you the most purest and strongest wellness benefits possible and we use industrial hemp extract from the cannabis sativa plant.

CBD's Legal Status - is CBD oil legal in the UK?

Yes, CBD oil and products are legal in the UK and Europe. Despite its origin in the cannabis plant, CBD contains minimal THC, ensuring compliance with legal standards.

Do you sell high strength Full Spectrum CBD?

Yes, we manufacture some of the strongest full spectrum CBD products, as well as the broad spectrum CBD, CBD isolate and many other innovative CBD oil products.

Traveling with CBD Products?

Travel safely and legally with CBD within the UK and European Union. Legal purchase and use make CBD travel legal and mostly hassle free. Just be sure to put your CBD with your other liquids, if carrying in your hand luggage. For more information, read our blog post: Can you take CBD oil on a plane?.

Optimal CBD Consumption

The most efficient consumption method is sublingual intake and direct addition to food or drinks. Applying CBD topically can also enhance skincare routines.

Try incorporating full spectrum CBD oil into your routine, in order to maximize the effects of the naturally occuring cannabinoids and to benefit from the entourage effect.

Potential Side Effects

Adverse reactions are rare. Possible side effects may include dry mouth, mood changes, or drowsiness. Consult a healthcare professional, especially if taking medication.

Exploring the Entourage Effect

All of our full spectrum CBD products provide the entourage effect, which essentially is the resulting benefits of combining all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and other plant compounds found in the hemp extract. The entourage effect differs from feeling high, as the level of THC in our products is always below 0,05%, meaning that you will not test positive on a drug test for banned substances. Full spectrum CBD therefore offers a comprehensive outcome of cannabinoids and terpenes without the psychoactive risk and makes the entourage effect a favourite amongst many CBD users.

Understanding Full Spectrum CBD Effects

Full spectrum CBD promotes balance and relaxation, facilitating a more serene state of mind and body.

CBD's Non-Psychoactive Nature

CBD, or cannabidiol, stands apart from its counterpart THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) due to its non-psychoactive nature. Unlike THC, which is known for inducing the "high" associated with cannabis use, CBD does not produce any mind-altering effects. This means that when taking CBD oils, you can experience their potential therapeutic benefits without experiencing any altered mental state. This non-psychoactive attribute of CBD makes it a popular choice for individuals seeking natural relief from various discomforts while maintaining clarity and focus in their daily lives.

Our full spectrum CBD oil is also non-psychoactive, as the THC content is minimal, compared to a pure THC oil. We guarantee less than 0,05% THC in all of our products.

Unveiling CBD's Potential Benefits

The potential benefits of CBD oil encompass a wide spectrum of opportunities. For the full experience, try exploring our range of full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, CBD isolate, CBD softgels, supplements and CBD cosmetics. All products are manufactured according to the strictest regulations and we only use industrial hemp from cannabis sativa.

If you want to take things further, there is also a lot more to explore with how you use CBD! For example, some customers will choose a CBD isolate such as our crystals in order to enhance their cream or favourite beverage, whereas other will add CBD oil to their essential oils, to create a special infusion.

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Nordic Oil is your gateway to holistic well-being, a steadfast companion on your quest for balance and vitality. Join us as we unlock the potential of CBD, paving the way for a life of harmony and vitality.