Is CBD legal in France?

Is CBD legal in France?

In short -yes. CBD itself is not a prohibited substance in France and therefore completely legal to consume. Nonetheless, the situation regarding its legality was not always so clear, especially at the start of the cannabidiol market expansion in 2017/2018. Since then, France has embraced the use of CBD as many people were fascinated by its health benefits. The differences between the French legislation and the European Union (EU) cannabis laws have gradually disappeared.

Therefore it is possible to sell, buy and consume CBD without risk of being worried by any control. 

Just like every European country France also has some restrictions when it comes to the use of CBD. These criteria have to be met:

  • Products need to be extracted from certified EU hemp varieties containing more than 0,3% THC. 

  • The “burning” of any hemp products, such as flower joints or CBD resins, for smoking purposes is prohibited. Vaporisation is  however authorised.

CBD in France: what is legal and what is prohibited

It's no secret that the French government isn't exactly a fan of CBD.  The law therefore evolves slowly, experiencing a few reversals in the process, but nevertheless always agreeing on the fact that CBD itself as a substance is completely legal.

Here is an overview or the current rules:

  • “The cultivation, import, export and industrial and commercial use” of hemp is permitted.

  • The maximum permitted THC content is 0,3% (against 0,2% previously).

  • All parts of hemp can be used for the production of by-products (only seeds and stems were included in the previous decree, which prohibited the use of flowers and leaves).

  • Only farmers have the right to grow hemp, and only certified seeds listed in the official catalogue.

  • The sale of CBD hemp plants and cuttings was prohibited until January 2022. Now  the ban has been suspended by the State Council.

Can I travel with my CBD oil to France?

As mentioned already In France CBD oil can only be sold if it contains less than 0.3% THC and is not advertised for therapeutic purposes. As a result, travellers who wish to take CBD oil with them to France must ensure that their product meets these criteria. Travelling with your favourite CBD oil from Germany to France should not really be an issue.

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Where to buy CBD in France?

For those looking to buy CBD in France, there are a few options. CBD can be purchased online from a number of different vendors, or it can be found in some bio stores and pharmacies.

Cannabidiol Promotion Laws in France

French laws prohibit the promotion of CBD oil as anything other than a food supplement. 

On top of this, CBD oil sellers are not allowed to make claims that CBD has healing properties, or it can help with certain health issues or illness. Strict action is taken against shops that make such claims.

The hemp industry in France

Many Cannabis varieties have been banned in France. This is because they contain a high amount of THC, which is considered a narcotic. However, this is not the case for industrial hemp, as it has been cultivated in France for a long time, mainly for  textile and agricultural purposes.

In fact, France is the largest European hemp producer, and the second largest producer in the world behind China.

With the explosion in the sale of hemp and a European law that tolerates the trade in CBD, France has the potential to really expand its agriculture.

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